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Scroll of Time

 This page is about Scroll of Time, a text editor for OoT. For the MM version, read about Scroll of Majora.

Scroll of Time is a versatile text editor for both the OoT debug rom and the 1.0 Version U OoT rom. The documentation used was xdaniel's "Text Control Codes" documentation that was somewhat expanded by one of originalLink's  procrastination moments created a couple of years prior.

Known Issues + Patches

The character map in PAL-region roms is different than in NTSC roms. Because the debug rom is a PAL rom, accented characters are offset by one value. You can download an EXE below that has been modified to match the PAL character map.
     Scroll of Time - PAL Edit
Overwrite Scroll of Time.exe with this one, or you can save it as Scroll of Time PAL.exe or whatever you like if you would rather keep both.

  • Flotonic - Program; Graphics; Video + Text Editing Footage.
  • SanguinettiMods - Graphics; Testing.
  • Fiction - OoT footage for video.
  • SoulofDeity - Figured out that message offsets must be four-byte aligned.
  • DeathBasket - Notes on fixing "PRESS START" and File Select text after adding to the text bank.
 Scroll of Time
 Text being edited in Scroll of Time.
 Author  Flotonic
 Release Date  December 11th, 2012
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