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Scroll of Majora

This page is about Scroll of Majora, a text editor for MM. For the OoT version, read about Scroll of Time.

Scroll of Majora is a port of Scroll of Time to the 1.0 Version U MM rom at the request of ShadowFire, although it will work with the text table and text bank files from any Majora's Mask rom, including the Majora's Mask debug rom. It was ported based on DeathBasket's notes about MM's text format.

Other than hex editing, Scroll of Majora is the only way to edit text within Majora's Mask. Unlike hex editing, it allows the user to add or delete characters within text-boxes. This would be an unreasonable task to perform via a hex editor, since each offset in the text bank following the offset of the message that is currently being edited must be recalculated almost every time characters are added/deleted within it rather than being replaced.
 Scroll of Majora
 Text being edited in Scroll of Majora.
 Author  Flotonic
 Release Date  December 19th, 2012