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Map Porter

A map porter is typically a tool that ports maps from one video game to another. Since OoT and MM have the same map format, maps can easily be ported from one to the other.

The two current map porter program authors are spinout and Flotonic. spinout's latest version ports maps in a fashion that is more stable and includes actors. Actor conversions were going to be present in Flotonic's version, but few actors were implemented. The plus side to this version is that it knows where the hidden texture banks are, meaning ported maps rarely have broken textures. Some of the maps that utilize these additional texture banks are the Stock Pot Inn, Great Bay, the road to the ranch, and the frozen maps for Goron Village.

Flotonic's Notes on Special Banks

In the ZSCENE file, there is an 11 Command in the header. The format is as follows:
11 XX 00 00 YY 00 0Z 00
YY = Sky Box Number
Z = Disable if not 0
XX is MM-only. It says which special bank to use. Multiply it by 8 and add 0xC58BA0 to it. Go to that offset in the Decompressed 1.0 Version U MM rom. The first four bytes at that offset are the start offset of the special bank. The four bytes that follow those are the end offset of the special bank.
Map Porter
 Stock Pot Inn in Ocarina of Time.
 Authors  spinout
Download spinout's Version
Download Flotonic's Version