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Project Izou


Izou Zelda is an Ocarina of Time mod with the goal of earning its name. Join the same Hero of Time from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on this new adventure that takes place in a new land that he stumbles upon during his many quests. Link sports an updated look and the connection between him and the Hero's Shade will finally be revealed.

Latest Download

Izou Zelda: Patch One

Patch One Credits (ordered by amount of contributions):

- Flotonic
- Updated Link.
- Dungeon (includes room layout, puzzle layout, and making it in 3D).
- Textures.
- Hierarchy and animations for custom spider enemy.
- Hierarchy and animations for custom NPC, as well as finalizing the 3D model by adding the hood and face and mapping textures to it.
- Hierarchy for custom boss.
- Custom cutscene.
- A little assembly editing for the custom spider enemy.
- Jason777
- Assembly editing required for custom spider (Jason777 did most of the work for this).
- Assembly editing required for the custom character.
- Assembly editing required for the custom boss.
- Making the game start as Adult Link and without the Master Sword.
- Disabling debug features.
- Disabling Navi.
- Disabling cutscene after getting Ocarina of Time.
- SanguinettiMods
- Sword sheath texture.
- Finding the enemy speed for the custom spider.
- Custom NPC base 3D model.
- Adding the puzzle elements to the dungeon based on the puzzle layout.
- Importing music.
- CubanR
- Converting and loading some maps in-game to make sure they worked properly.
- Textures (one of which was the texture for the Wooden Shield).
- Converting maps and 3D models via Hylian Toolbox and Model2N64.
- Serenade/Faceless64 (Website)
- Introduction theme.
- Dungeon theme.
- WillyWombat
- page.
- Logo and Triforce texture above doors.
- Ganondork123
- Last-minute textures.
- Map conversions.
- Arcaith
- Spiral in mini-boss room.
- TheCjes
- Map conversions.
- Aquarhane
- Map conversions.
- Airikita
- Make normal doors work in Jabu-Jabu's Belly (unused for now).
- Sakura
- Adult Link can use crawlspaces.