Miscellaneous Notes

  • The Legend Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest Debug R.O.M. image is referred to as "zelootma.z64" for two reasons.
  1. That was the original file name of the r.o.m. image that was leaked years ago.
  2. That file name will ensure your image is uncompressed and compatible with whatever your needs be
  • Sometimes BUT NOT COMMONLY a R.O.M is referred to as an IMAGE and not a FILE.
  •         the full name for this type of file is a "read only memory image" due to it being a capture of a r.o.m. file originating from either a R.O.M. chip or a E.P.R.O.M. chip. E.P.R.O.M. stands for " erasable programmable read only memory. Its a special kind of chip were the you can flash it and you can erase it with ultra violet light.