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Hylian Toolbox

Hylian Toolbox is a compact tool for OoT and MM that allows for the creation of custom hierarchies, animations, matrices, and maps. It is the only tool that is capable of creating custom hierarchies and mapping vertices from one limb to another. It is also the only tool that can set collision information based on groups and create hierarchies.

Feature List

  • Exporting OBJ files (no textures)
  • Rotating and scaling Display Lists.
  • Importing OBJ files (currently powered by xdaniel's Model2N64).
  • Editing actors of various actor sets.
  • Adding actors and groups/objects.
  • Map conversions.
  • Creating and editing animations for any hierarchy.
  • Keyframe animation.
  • Creating and editing hierarchies.
  • Creating vertex matrices.
  • Selecting and regrouping collision triangles.
  • Hard-coded collision presets (sound of the ground, for example).
  • Adding and editing water boxes.
  • Automatically setting collision information based on OBJ group names.
  • Adding and editing exits.
Hylian Toolbox
Creating an animation in Hylian Toolbox.
 An animation being created in Hylian Toolbox.
 Author  Flotonic
 Release Date  March 5th, 2013
 Latest Version